Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's been a while..

Can you believe they dress me up like this... not impressed..
Tea time under the X-mas tree

Christmas Morning.. some good loot

Birthday chair from Aunt Stephie

Birthday celebrations...

Cool keyboard from auntie Rachel and uncle Eric- a big hit, see the face below...

Hello Everyone

Just a quick note, sorry we have been remiss about posting- having a true toddler keeps us on our toes! Not many minutes for web posting. Ella is doing great- past milestone of 1 year birthday- we can't believe it flew by so fast! We had a great little party and then a wonderful holiday season. Ella loved the turkey at thanksgiving and was enamored but respectful of the christmas tree!
We just brought Grammy S back to NY, she had been here for almost 3 months so we are feeling like a wheel is missing now! But I am sure she is looking forward to not having to watch Sesame Street or hear many verses of the "wheels on the bus..." We are hoping Grammy will be back in May.. so only a few months to go. Here are a few pictures from birthday celebrations and Christmas.. enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Visits with Grampy

Random PIctures..

Laundry helper..
Fun times with Daddy...
A trip to Bar Harbor to see old friends! Good times!
Hanging with mom..
Our newly sided house-- this was our big project of the late summer. We had it stripped, re insulated and sided. Looks like a totally new house! We also pulled out a few bushes and re landscaped part of the back yard.. I am getting tired just thinking about it. But it looks great and we are ready for winter! 

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello Everyone, it has been a while but we have been busy! Please enjoy our pictures from Halloween- Ella loved the pumpkin patch and then transformed into a butterfly for her first trick or treating night!  Everything is going really well and we can't believe Ella will be 1 year in just about 2 weeks.. where has the time gone? Can anyone tell me? We have enjoyed every moment and it seems like the next is better than the last! Ella took her first 3 steps last weekend, hasn't done it since but with the way she is cruising I am sure she will be taking off any time now- YIKES!! She has also become quite a chatter box- she said "thank you" the other day and also says "cat", mama, dada, bye, hi, uh oh and pointing has started! So we are busy! 
More pictures to come soon... for now I need to relieve daddy on diaper duty.. Love, Sheila

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More pics of the Sweeney visit!

Me, Ella and my sis Betz
The family: Ella, me, Jake, Kristina, my bro Mike, my sister Betz & Harriet
Betz & Harriet, lovely ladies!
The Bornsteins- I love the look on Ella's face..
Kristina (my future sister in law) and my bro Mike
Mike enjoying the hell out of his lobster.. was this lobster #3? 
Ella and me
Enjoying the dinner...
Auntie and little beaner at the beach.. Kennebunkport..

Loving the beach.... little sea turtle is what we now call her..
Beautiful beach...


The family compound and Betz' friend Katie who graciously shared it with us for the day!
Lovin the portland lobster company.... baby loves haddock!

More pics of our visit from my sister Betz and Harriet and my brother Mike and Kristina. We had a great time visiting with everyone. We enjoyed a trip down to Kennebunkport where Betz' friend has a family home- beautiful compound that the graciously shared with us. Then we also enjoyed dinner with the whole family and meeting Kristina- Mikes' fiance for the first time! So much fun- Ella enjoyed everyones company and so did her parents!! Enjoy the pics